our partners

Our main partners

Cpe Du Carrefour

CPE du Carrefour and MAP Montreal have been partners since the very beginning! Our Fullum Street projects were carried out together and the Carrefour CPE occupies a seat on MAP's Board of Directors. An unprecedented way of publicizing their partnership is the priority of children from MAP Montreal families in its two facilities in the Centre-Sud! This way, we provide children in the MAP program families with high quality educational childcare.

Interloge Logo Signature Bleu

Inter-Loge provides subsidized housing and quality service as the owner of MAP housing. Indeed, when a family is selected for the program, they are then directed to Inter-Loge to ensure eligibility for the housing subsidy and eventually sign a lease and an agreement. Inter-Loge is one of MAP Montréal's biggest success factors and a stakeholder in the quality of its development.

Our financial partners

Funds raised by MAP are allocated to the regular program or to specific programs such as the Programme Jeunes Mères, Interventions out in the open, OASIS le HUB or the Au coeur project. With no funding for the core mission, the financial support of all our partners is necessary to achieve our mission.