Ambassadors 2

The Mères avec pouvoir Ambassador Network is composed of committed volunteers who believe in the cause of Mères avec pouvoir, and who allow us to reach a wider audience through their network. Our ambassadors help us raise awareness about Mères avec pouvoir, expand our network, and reach our fundraising goals.

Alex Perron, comedian, host, actor
"Mères avec pouvoir is really important to me. Because of the cause, the fabulous team, and also because I come from a single parent family. So this cause speaks directly to me."

Madeleine Arcand and Maxime Morin, Co-Founders of Rose Buddha
"As moms, we are directly affected by the stories of each of the mothers who arrive at the door of Mères avec pouvoir. We owe it to each other to stand in solidarity and that's why it's so important to us to support this vital project."

Geneviève Pettersen, Writer, Columnist and Scriptwriter
"To me, Mères avec pouvoir is a foundational organization, a loving safety net that envelops moms and their little ones. As a mother of three, I know that motherhood is a constant challenge. Being a mother is anything but easy, and Mères avec pouvoir plays a fundamental role in the lives of women who are striving to become empowered and independent mothers, strong citizens who will shape, with their precious children, the Quebec of tomorrow."

Sophie Des Groseilliers, co-founder and administrator of the Madame T. Organization.
"Mères avec pouvoir is full of success stories of single mothers who take charge of their lives and develop a plan in order to fulfill their potential and provide an adequate living environment for their children. These success stories are the result of the incredible efforts of an entire support network. Mères avec pouvoir provides the necessary tools for these successes. This organization perfectly represents my vision of philanthropy at its best!"

Bénite Mandaka Senbore, former participant of Mères avec pouvoir
Evaluation Officer, Global Affairs Canada, Government of Canada
"Being an ambassador of Mères avec Pouvoir is an opportunity to give back to society, and especially to a cause that is very close to my heart. It is an opportunity for me to contribute to the visibility of the Organization, and to positively impact the lives of young women and children! In addition, having gone through the Mères avec pouvoir process myself, I wish for people to see that their support is bringing real change."